2 Cents Worth


I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I’m in the market for a new bike. I have been riding a used Trek Madone 3.1 for three years now, treated it well, but I rode it hard. The bike is still good, but I am to the point where I want something new. Ridiculous? Maybe. I am not getting any younger, and I am to the point where I get something that I’ve always wanted.

So here’s where I need 2 cents worth of advice. I am considering getting a Pinarello Marvel or maybe Rokh. I have spent a considerable amount of time researching different makers and have looked at the Cube, Wilier, Look, and the Cipollini. I keep going back to the Pinarello. I have really boiled it down to the either the Pinarello or a Wilier, but I would still appreciate some input. I can’t get the top bike in anyone’s line, but I’m willing to spend about 4K or so on a bike. Most of the bike reviews out there in magazines and Internet are focused on what the pros ride. I don’t believe I will ever get to throw my leg over a $11,000 bike, so I want the best in my budget. Of course, I am aware that when I ask for opinions that is what I’ll get. Every rider has preferences, so let me hear them. When people ask me my opinion, I first want to know what the bike is going to be asked to do, so here is my answer: I ride about 100 or so miles each week in training, ride about 3-4 centuries during the season, and compete in medium-size criterion races when I get the opportunity.

As far as my components, I have settled on Ultegra. I am not sure of manual or Di2, but I’ll stick with manual if it pushes me have to go down to another level on the bike. Force is good, but I have read many times where, in comparisons, Ultegra has better braking. If there is something else that I need to consider in the component field, please feel free to comment that too. Like I have stated before, I am new to the blogging scene, so I’m limited on followers. Re-blog if you can, so that I can get as much of the 2 cents as possible.

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