A View of the Walls


The trainer can be such a tedious way to train on your bike. Time goes by so quickly when your riding the roads. Time comes to a stand still when strapped to a trainer. Cycling videos, a season DVD of The Walking Dead, a football game, or Bigfoot casually walking by your window cannot take your mind away from the fact that you are going no where, all the while peddling your brains out. So, what’s the answer? I am attempting to make my time on the trainer more effective and efficient.

Researching the Internet, a person can find many different routines and training regiments to use on the trainer. What’s good? What’s not so good? If you notice, most of the routines on the trainer have some of the same things in common: warm up, timed sprints, timed climbs, rest period, and on and on . . . then a cool down time. The effort put into the trainer is THE key. If you are simply peddling for an hour or two, while trying to figure out if the middle Kardashian looks like O.J. or not, and breaking a gentle sweat, you are wasting your time. Sure, have something on the television to occupy your brain during the timed sprints or easy peddling is good, but if you are going to be the trainer . . . Invest your time. Don’t spend your time.

My broken arm that I mentioned in a previous blog has confined me to the trainer, plus core and leg workouts at CrossFit. Yes, I open the door to my den and dread the trainer like most, but now I have a reason to simply loathe the thought because I can’t spend any time on the road. If you read this and you know some good tips and ideas about the trainer, please comment. I am so afraid that when I do get back to the road in a few more weeks I will have slid so far back from where I was pre-accident. I am actually able to sustain a little bit of weight on that arm while on the trainer and pray that I will soon be able to be once again peddling for a destination.



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