Eating for Function


It is impossible to out train a bad diet. Why does a person work so hard on the bike, in the gym, or anywhere if that person is only going to gorge himself when any kind of food is placed in front of him? I agree that a bodybuilder will eat differently than a cyclist, but eating just to be eating is ridiculous. Eating for emotional well being is also absurd. Our bodies are designed to consume food for function. Putting thought into what kind of food enters our body is step one. Here a few that come to mind:

  • If it is labeled fat free, it does NOT mean healthy. This an old food gimmick.
  • “Diet” any-kind-of-soft drink has harmful chemicals that have harmful effects on the organs of our bodies . . . never mind, just forget all soft drinks.
  • Dried fruit that is sold in convenient stores is loaded with sugars and preservatives.
  • Gluten-free does NOT mean healthy. The best “gluten-free” foods are fruits and vegetables.
  • Frozen meals that are deemed “healthy” are LOADED with preservatives, such as huge amount of salt. Remember the rule: at a grocery store, eat from the outside in. Think about it: the worst foods in the heart of the grocery store and the healthiest against the walls.
  • Wheat bread is often white bread with some wheat mixed in. Make sure that the fiber content of each SLICE has more than 2 grams of fiber.
  • If your protein bar has more than 200 calories and/or 8 grams of sugar, just call it a candy bar.
  • Yes, frozen yogurt is better than ice-cream, but loading it with 6 pounds of candy and sprinkle topping isn’t helping things. Also, it can’t be a part of a weekly trip to the yogurt store because you have the excuse that it is better than ice cream.
  • Sports drinks are not for drinking casually. They are LOADED with sugars and sodium.
  • Popcorn is NOT a healthy snack, if it is coated with butter and salt.

Work hard when planning what to eat. Looking healthy on the outside should not be the only pursuit. Eating better will make your workouts better. I know it takes extra time, but you are worth it, especially if you are trying hard to have a healthier life. You wouldn’t put diesel fuel in a Ferrari. Would you?

“Intention, good or bad, is not enough.” 
John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent

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