CrossFit to Crosstrain?


I ride in the “off season.” To me, the bike is not seasonal. Some don’t ride when the weather cools and lose so much in the way of progress from the previous season. I also CrossFit to balance my training. Recently, while kipping on pullups, I slipped from the bar and fell, breaking my the head off of the radial bone and had emergency surgery the next morning. The surgeon placed two screws to hold the bone back together, and so now I am in the off season stuck on a bike trainer and alternate workouts in CrossFit. Of course, many people pointed out my injury as a detriment to CrossFit, but I disagree. So, how does CrossFit or any off season workout program that combines strength and endurance help with cycling?

If you have ridden for any length of time, you understand that power and endurance are the two major components to climbing, sprinting, or pulling . . . all the while lasting in the saddle for any length of time. A liar actually stumbled upon the truth when he said, “It’s not about the bike.” Oh, calm down. I know that a low-end bike is heavier, but the “engine” is what makes it go. I would bet that if Peter Sagan were on a Huffy he would destroy your best club rider. Why? Because it is not just about time in the saddle. Sagan, as well as many other top cyclists, use a strength and conditioning regiment to enhance the power and endurance that is transferred to the peddles. That begs the question: So why not stick Rich Fronning (2013 CrossFit Games champion) on a bike and put him with a team in a GC? It is all about balance . . . saddle time and training off of the bike.


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