No Room for Old Men?

I would like for someone to answer the question of Chris Horner being homeless. No, not living in the street but having no team and seemingly no interest in him after winning Vuelta a Espana, this year! Stop. Don’t go to the weak excuse about his age and dependability, when only a couple of months ago Chris Horner became the oldest cyclist to win a grand tour. He is a champion. He is a great ambassador to the sport cycling, even showing great class when the Euros tried to say he was skipping out on a drug test when it was their screw up. I am very leery of using the word discrimination, but could Chris be a victim of age discrimination? The team for which Chris won uses a cute expression of a “youth movement.” You be the judge.

Just look at a peloton in a grand tour event. Do you recognize the name of those riders who never attack, ride smooth for four hours, and finish 42nd? What’s the point in sponsoring a team if you hire middle-of-the-road cyclists who cannot capture the attention of the media?  When there is so much negative press in cycling, why would teams ignore a man like Chris? He’s not a crank turner. He’s a champion.


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